We work with the largest variety of fruits and vegetables in the Rio de Janeiro State, and all type of food are well inspected by our staff. We also offer baskets with organic food.


We offer all types of meat, such as beef, poultry, as well as all types of fish and seafood. They are always fresh, clean and well stored in our refrigerators for delivery.


We provide a wide variety of beverages, such as: natural or processed juices, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, among others.


We also supply a range of other kind of products, such as: grains, cereals, spices, canned goods, sweets, chocolates, among others, including foreign products, and before delivering  all goods quality check is done strictelly.

Cleaning Material

We will be able to supply the vessel’s needs with all kind of cleaning material and equipment, specially because we work with a vast supplies network.

Eletrical Material and Safety Equipment

With deliveries made within 24 hours, we provide all sort of eletrical and fire safety material, as well as onboard equipment for adequate rescues in order to offer all material options to maintain the vessel’s safety and its crew.

Equipment in General

As a role, we will be able to attend your need with all kind of marine equipment, such as: salvage, deck materials, PPE, onboard equipment and any other object or product that will be necessary to maintain the ship operation.